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Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl

Easy Parade
LL18 3AQ


The current Pavilion Theatre is in fact the third Pavilion in Rhyl. The first Pavilion was sited at the promenade end of Rhyl Pier and seated over 3,000. Built in 1891, it was destroyed by fire in 1901. The second Pavilion was built in 1908 at a cost of £16,500 and seated just over 1,000. It did a great service to Rhyl in playing host to international artists, and presenting a vast number of productions and significant community events. When, in 1974, the Pavilion was demolished it was compared by everyone in the town to “losing a dear friend”. When the current Pavilion was opened in 1991 it fulfilled a commitment made by the then Borough Council seventeen years earlier.

Located on the East Parade and seafront of Rhyl, the Pavilion Theatre is a self contained entity, which is linked to an adjoining building, The Rhyl Sun Centre (a leisure facility and water park attraction, managed by Clwyd Leisure Ltd). The Pavilion is owned and managed by Denbighshire County Council. The 1,031 seat theatre was designed to accommodate both theatre and orchestral concert audiences. The Pavilion has 20 permanent and 18 casual members of staff, and a core team of some 25 volunteers.

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