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Date Title Venue City Type
02.11.2013 Julian Smith In Concert The Norbury Theatre Droitwich Spa Concerts
30.11.2013 Julian Smith In Concert Lutley Primary School Halesowen Concerts
05.12.2013 Julian Smith In Concert Henry Wong Restaurant Birmingham Concerts
14.02.2014 Julian Smith In Concert Tidbury Green Golf Club Shirley, Solihull Concerts
13.06.2014 Julian Smith In Concert Lichfield Garrick Theatre Lichfield Concerts
13.09.2014 Julian Smith In Concert The Stables Theatre, Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Concerts
28.10.2016 Hotel Du Vin | 28th Oct 2016 Hotel Du Vin | Birmingham Birmingham Concerts
16.12.2017 Julian Smith Christmas Chillout St Stephen's Church Redditch Concerts

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